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This elegant and simple piece is one of my everyday staples. I first made this piece when my husband was on a business trip to the North Slope of Alaska in the dead of winter and temperatures were expected to be -30°. He said that if you tossed a glass of water in the air, the water would be instantly frozen. The natural Herkimer diamond solitaire hangs on fine 14k gold-fill or sterling chain and is adjustable at 15.5"-17" in length. It is perfect to layer with longer pieces or a beautiful piece on its own.  Herkimer diamonds are a very high vibrational stone and are often referred to as "The Stone of Attunement". The high frequency helps in aiding physical healing as well as raising telepathic abilities allowing better communication with your spirit guides.

North Slope

SKU: 0006
14k gold fill or Sterling Silver
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